Audio stories: The question is not whether, but how to do them
Some stories just keep on giving: Converting content to audio, profitably
Repackaging your evergreen content brings in bonus revenue
By John Wilpers, Partner
WILPERS MEDIA TONIC: How to reach out and touch a reader, one-to-one As awkward and daunting as it might seem to reach out and ask readers for their…

April 2022

WILPERS MEDIA TONIC: Reach out and touch a real reader, not a data sheet As rich and revealing as it is, data analytics is not the same as understanding…
Lurking in every audience is at least one, if not more, monetizable sub-niches
By John Wilpers, Co-Founder, Katahdin Media Management

November 2021

Di5rupt is a UK-based, globally-focused B2B media intelligence and events business. Events include and Visit our…